Red And Black SelfieGOLF Set with Alignment Sticks
Red Alignment Sticks To Set Up SelfieGOLF And Record your Golf swing
Yellow Alignment Sticks For SelfieGOLF
Alignment Sticks For SelfieGOLF
Blue Alignment Sticks For SelfieGOLF
Neon Alignment Sticks For SelfieGOLF
Black Alignment Sticks For SelfieGOLF
SelfieGOLF attached to golf bag
Different Stick Clips for SelfieGOLF
SelfieGOLF Carry Bag
Instructions Tension Pin

Red/Black Set

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The Complete Package - Never Miss Another Shot

Get the SelfieGOLF Innovative Clip System complete with two Alignment Sticks. Use one to prop up your phone while you use the other to perfectly aim your next shot. The complete package will give you the autonomy to film your swings so that you can confidently and consistently improve your game. This portable, reliable training set may very well be the one of the most important accessories for all golfers: seasoned or novice.

Whether you get one for yourself or as a gift for your favorite golf enthusiast, it will surely not disappoint!

SelfieGOLF Set Includes

  1. SelfieGOLF: Selfie Clip, Bag Clip, Dust Bag, A Pack of Extra Stick Holders, and Instructions ( Alignment Stick, Phone, Golf Club, and Golf Bag are not included )
  2. Two SelfieGOLF Alignment Sticks
  3. Huge Savings!
    Product Details
    Item Dimensions: 4.02 x 3.25 x 2.73 inches  
    Item Weight: 2.47 ounces
    Alignment Sticks (2 in a set)
    Item Dimensions: 5/16 x 46 inches
    Item Weight: 4 ounces