Top 10 U.S. Golf Courses 2018

It is no surprise that there are thousands of beautiful golf courses in the U.S. 
However, there are always the elite few that shine above the rest. Here are the Top 10 U.S. Golf Courses for 2018!


10. Pacific Dunes, Oregon

Pacific Dunes has gained tremendous popularity ever since its grand opening on July 1, 2001. It quickly surpassed its neighboring course, Bandon Dunes, which had only opened a couple of years earlier within the same resort. Designed by Michigan architect, Tom Doak, Pacific Dunes has received many highly rated reviews and was ranked as the best golf course in the country back in 2005 by Golfweek Magazine. It was so highly regarded that it was also ranked 8th in the best link courses by Golf Magazine in 2014. 


9. Pebble Beach, California

It’s no surprise to anyone that Pebble Beach made the cut. The location of 5 U.S. Open Championships is bound to take place on a gorgeous course. Pebble Beach is one of the highest rated public courses in America. Golfing at Pebble Beach Resort is definitely an experience that many say is unforgettable. How can it not be when major players such as Arnold Palmer, Walter Hagen, and Tiger Woods have historically played on its seaside course. 


8. Augusta National, Georgia

Ranked #9 in Golf Digest’s list of America’s 100 Greatest Courses in 2009 and #10 in Golfweek Magazine’s 2001 list of Best Classic Courses in the United States, Augusta National is a sight to see. Making history, Augusta National was just voted as the #1 Platinum Club of the World, Golf & Country Clubs for 2018. Looks like it’s time to book a flight to Georgia!


7. Merion (East), Pennsylvania

Merion Golf Club was found during a time when Philadelphians were much more likely to play cricket than a round of golf. Opening its doors in 1896, it was not long before Philadelphians switched over to golf. With its twisting fairways and sand covered mounds, Merion (East) can be a bit of a tricky course. A favorite amongst those who smile in the face of a challenge.


6. Sand Hills, Nebraska

Sand Hills is certainly a novelty in terms of its beginning and location. Sand Hills is located within a huge meadow, which has lots and lots of sand. I know, surprising. Its lands form an almost natural golf course that was more discovered than created by its founders Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. This is not a course for brand new beginners or anyone who is not that experienced. Even exceptionally good golfers must be careful to avoid the huge bunkers within the course. 


5. Oakmont, California

Split into two courses, the West Course was created to be both challenging and fun, while the East Course has been known to be more challenging. A popular destination for weddings and special occasions thanks to the scenic Sonoma Wine Country. Playing a round of golf then drinking wine is a good time for anyone. 


4. National Golf Links of America, New York

Located in beautiful Southampton, New York, National Golf Links of America is known for inspiring numerous golf architects who are looking to create challenging yet stunning courses all around the world. The 253 acre course was where the famous engineer, Seth Raynor, got his big start alongside Charles Macdonald.


3. Pine Valley, New Jersey

There are few places in the world quite as exclusive as Pine Valley Golf Club. Privately held, non-members are only able to play upon invitation or in the company of a member. Former American golfer, Johnny Miller, once stated, “There are no weak holes. Every single one is a masterpiece. There is a surprise around every corner, 18 unique and beautiful challenges.”


2. Shinnecock Hills, New York

If you were to walk upon the 259 acres Shinnecock Hills sits on, you would have no idea how old the place really was. Shinnecock Hills claims to be the first formal organized golf club in the United States. While many golf establishments did not allow female members until much later, Shinnecock Hills admitted women right from the start.  


1. Cypress Point, California

The top U.S. Golf Course of 2018 is none other than Cypress Point. Located on the Monterey Peninsula, Cypress Point is well known all around the world for its famously beautiful course. Golf Magazine named it #2 on the 2011 List of the Top 100 Golf Courses in the World, while Golf Digest ranked it #5 on Golf Digest’s 2011-2012 list of America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses. Cypress Point has consistently maintained its status as one of the best golf courses not just in the United States, but the world. 

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