Pro Golfers and Their Pets

Of course, we are golf lovers first, but who doesn't love animals also? So we decided to put two of our favorite things together and showcase pro golfers and their adorable housepets!

1. Se Ri Pak & Happy:

The first picture is from when Se Rei Pak won the 1998 Jamie Farr Classic. What better way to celebrate the victory than with her adorable puppy, Happy! As you can tell from the huge smiles in these pictures, nothing makes Pak happier than being with Happy!

2. Brittany Lincicome & Her Awesomely Different Pet Combo:

We are all for unconventional pets, but her two adorable sugar gliders, named Nibbles, and Bits, definitely take the cake! Nibbles and Bits, along with her beautiful Rottweiler dog, Major, most definitely gives Lincicome the most interesting combination of pets than any pro we know!

3. Daniel Berger & Kai:

Daniel Berger with puppy, Kai, for a quick power nap in the first picture. The second picture was from when Berger played the Big Dog Event in 2015 and ended up leaving with Kai! All this cuteness overload is making our heads explode with happiness!

4. Sandra Gal & Emi:

Sandra got Emi back in May of 2014 and they have been inseparable ever since! Gal's social media pages are covered with adorable pictures and videos of Emi, you can definitely feel the love and connection of this beautiful 4-year friendship!

5. Tiger Woods, Ex-Wife, Their Children & Their Many, Many Dogs:

Tiger Woods poses with his two children, Sam and Charlie Woods, and their three dogs: Taz, Yogi, and their newest addition Bugs. Talk about a handful! The second picture is of Woods and his now ex-wife with their first born and their two dogs, Taz and Yogi, posing for a photo shoot. 

6. Lexi Thompson & Her Adorable Cats:

Lexi Thompson revealed in a GolfPunk interview that she has become that crazy cat lady with four cats of her own! The two cats in the pictures above are brothers that she rescued in April of last year.

7. Arnold Palmer & Mulligan:

Arnold Palmer was known to bring his best friend, Mulligan, to the golf course from time to time. And as you can see from both pictures, they usually were riding around together in a golf cart, enjoying the beautiful days! We couldn't ask for a better way to spend our days.

8. Michelle Wei & Lola:

You won't see Michelle Wei without bestie, Lola, by her side always! These two cuties seriously do everything together from traveling around the world, to napping, to running errands, to golfing, there is literally nothing that can separate Wei from her Lola.

9. Rickie Fowler & Brody:

Fowler actually has four dogs, but most of his Instagram pictures are with his adorable dog, Brody. Fowler's favorite thing to do when he gets back home is to spend some quality time with his bestie and we honestly can't get enough of these two cuddling up together all over his social media pages!

10. Dustin Johnson, Fiance Paulina Gretzky & Their Two Dogs:

The first picture is of fiance Paulina Gretzky with their amazing dog, Charlie. And the second picture is of Dustin Johnson with the newest member of the Johnson family, their cutie pie puppy, Harry!

11. Jason Dufner & Prince Louie:

The first picture is from when Jason Dufner decided to get a new puppy to celebrate winning the 2013 Wanamaker Trophy! In the second picture Dufner, ex-wife Amanda Boyd, and Prince Louie got cozy for a Jamie Burnett photo shoot also back in 2013.

12. Joshua Poulter & Enzo:

Ian Poulter's son, Joshua, seriously cannot get enough of their dog Enzo! These two besties literally have been attached at the hip since the very moment they met and we honestly couldn't imagine a cuter duo!

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