Increase your Distance

All golfers are looking to increase their distance with drivers. How do you do it? Here are some tips that may work.


First, try holding the shaft further back. This creates a larger arc when swinging which can help send the ball further. Try to keep the swing very steady when swinging larger to send the ball further in the right direction.

Second, speed up your swing speed. When increasing the swing speed, you must make sure to control the swing and hold your finish.

Third, change up your equipment and golf balls. Although new equipment isn’t always the answer, choosing the right one may be the answer. Club fitting and the right golf balls that’s right for you may help with distance increase.

Fourth, upgrade your strength. Fitness is very important when it comes to any sports. Strength training and flexibility has a lot to do with playing golf. This can also help prevent any injuries as well!

Fifth, make sure you are focusing on center contact. Hitting the golf ball on right spot of the club face is very important. Not only does it feel good but has everything to do with distance.

Not all tips work for all golfers but practicing one of two of these to make it yours may just be the right choice to increasing your distance.

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