Golf Health Benefits: Improving your body and mind

1. Vitamin

Having your time under the sunlight is very important to get enough vitamin D for your body. As many of you know, Vitamin D is very necessary in order to boost your health in many ways such as supporting your immune system. Of course, being outside often helps get your vitamin into your body, but never forget to put on your sunscreen!

Furthermore, just being outdoors helps you reduce anxiety and improve your concentration leading to a boost in self-esteem as well.

2. Social Sport

Although you spend most of your time alone concentrating and playing golf, it is wise not to think of golf as a one-man sport. In fact, the social aspect is what makes golf very appealing to many people. Everyone around you such as the caddy or even your fellow player, the conversation is what makes the game even better.

Playing and enjoying the game with your fellow player boosts your self-esteem, social skills, and even mental wellbeings. Also, it’s good to have someone to have a drink with at the ‘19th hole’!

3. Boost healthy competition

When you meet your fellow golf player, it is normal for handicap conversation to pop up. After a few rounds of games, you or even your fellow player have a sense of envy once one is better at the game. As long as one doesn’t take it too far, competition can actually encourage you to challenge yourself and improve.

4. Improve concentration and boost brain

The sport golf teaches accuracy, focus, and concentration. Also, it can encourage you to be creative by thinking ahead and visualizing how you are willing to swing the ball. Without the roar of a crowd, the course can be a great place to learn hand-eye coordination which is essential in golf. 

Golf is a great sport to get your circulation going which leads to more blood being pumped towards your brain.

5. Relieve stress

Many sports can help one relieve stress. Fortunately, golf is known to be a great sport to relieve stress as well. Teeing off when in bad mood can release tension and stress. Furthermore, exercising releases endorphins which reduce pain and improve your mood allowing you to feel less depressed. 

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