Golf Clubs: Their Purposes

Golf can be a very straightforward game of sports. However, you would have to know which driver or club to use at certain times. So knowing the different types of clubs is a must for all the golfers. There are five categories of clubs such as woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and putters. 

Most commonly known name for woods is driver. Although it is not made out of wood anymore, they can still be called woods. The wood typically has the largest heads, longest shaft and hollow inside. Due to all these conditions. Woods allow the longest and fastest shots among all the clubs. 

Next very common clubs would be the irons. They come in numbered sets, usually ranging from 3 to 9. Most of the irons have a solid head unlike the driver. Different from the driver, irons are usually used on shots from the fairway or even for tee shots. As the number of irons increase, the loft of the ball increases while length decreases. The most common iron used for beginners is usually number 7 due to this reason. 

Furthermore, wedges are a sub-set of irons since they have similar clubheads as irons. However, unlike irons, wedges are mostly used for lofts. They are often used as  a short approach such as chips, pitches around the greens, and playing out of the sand bunkers. 

The newest category of golf clubs are called the hybrids. They have been around ever since 1998, but became mainstream only around the 21st century. To understand a hybrid, it will be easier to understand that it is a cross between the driver and an iron. Hybrids are also numbered like the irons. Most of the golfers use hybrids in replacement of irons, but most likely as a replacement for long irons.

Talk about varieties of shapes and sizes, putter is one of the most specialized clubs. Putter is what you would normally use to get the ball into the hole in a short distance with much accuracy. However, there is no perfect putter in the market. The reason is because choosing the putter is a very personal process to find the one that is right for you. Putters are generally in three styles such as clubheads, lengths, and personalities. Although the putters are all a little different, regardless of their sizes and length, they are all designed to roll smoothly and avoid any skidding or skipping.

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