Funniest Moments in Golf History

Golf has been around since the dawn of time and so has their bloopers! Here are 9 of our top funniest or craziest moments in golf history.


1) In the opening round of the 2014 Sony Open in Hawaii, Stewart decided to take off his hat revealing a newly shaved head and a crazy tan line that could be seen even by our friends in outer space! Sources say it was supposed to be a tribute to Stephen Kings' 'Under the Dome' novel.




2) We have all been in that awkward position when trying to get our golf balls out of weird locations, but have you seen someone climb on top of a tree to make his putt! What is the craziest thing you have done to try and save your ball?



3) At the 2018 Honda Classic, things got interesting when PGA player Shawn Stefani gets nearly naked. He stripped down to his underwear at the par-4 sixth hole in order to get his ball back in play and he was able to go on to make bogey. I guess sometimes you just need less so you can do more!


4) A caddy at the Golf Masters in Augusta playing around with golfer while trying to retrieve a ball out of the pond. A little fun and water never hurt nobody! How would you feel if your caddy caught you off guard like this?


5) This is probably a photoshop of Michelle Wie, but we felt it was a good representation of what we look like when a golf game is not going our way…


6) We all know that nothing can ever compare to the OG of anything, but who knew OG golf was so intense?! Who cares about getting a small ball into a small hole when you and two friends can get on top of an elephant to get a huge ball into a huge hole. You know... no big deal.


7) Mark Roberts has found a way to make his own unique name in golf history forever. Known for his streaking streak-- Roberts has streaked at 13 different countries at 449 events since 1993 (including 3 British Opens and a Ryder Cup). His most famous streak was at the 1995 St. Andrew's Open when he ran past John Daly with the writing "19th Hole" on his back.


8) When the United States won its first Ryder cup since 2008-- Fowler's teammates couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than with their significant others. Fowler may be engaged now, but there will always be a special place in our hearts for single goofball Rickie!


9) We were getting bored with boring, old on land golfing. So we decided to step it up a notch with deep ocean golfing! Would you be brave enough to try your favorite sport 1,000's of miles under water?

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