8 Tips To Becoming A Better Golfer

Regardless of what level golfer you are, each golfer needs to remember these important tips to be at the top of their game.

Tips #1: Practice A Pre-Shot Routine

set up golf balls

Having a pre-shot routine can help you have a more consistent golf swing. It will calm your mind and allow your body to rely on muscle memory. Use the same steps each time so it becomes second nature when you step up to the tee.


Tip #2: Know Your Own Strengths And Weaknesses

Strength and Weaknesses List

Keep track of your progress by recording yourself through your phone. SelfieGOLF makes this easy and convenient for any smartphone. Log your shots and reevaluate them to see your strengths and weaknesses.

Tip #3: Understand Where Your Power Comes From

golf swing strength comes from torso

    The larger a muscle is, the more energy it can release. Many beginners believe that the power of a golf swing comes from the arms and wrists when in reality it is generated from the torso.

    Tip #4: Practice Putting

    putting from all angles

      Tiger Woods accomplished an amazing feat when he managed to make 58 out of 58 putts during the Arnold Palmer Invitational several years back. This was not done without constant and consistent practicing of putting. Spend at least half of your practice putting.

      Tip #5: Plan Ahead
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        There are many golfers who spend significant amounts of time on a golfing range, but they go with an empty head and no plan. If you are spending time practicing, make sure you go in with a plan on what you want to work on and improve. Do not go with the motion, but make the motion mean something.

        Tip #6: Patiently Check All The Angles
        spiderman pre shot routine

         No matter how close the ball is to the hole, it is not a good idea to just hit the ball from the first angle you see. There are many different angles that need to be considered such as side views, the hill slope, etc. Make sure to look at all the angles before stepping up to the ball.

        Tip #7: Do Not View Wind As A Problem

          wind cloud and sad dog

          Wind can be a troublesome thing when you’re golfing, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The wind forces you to be more thoughtful about your surroundings and can indeed bring out a very nice shot.

          Tip #8: Second-Guessing Won’t Help

          confused golfer

            There is no doubt that golf is one of the most rigorous mental sports in the world. However, overthinking a shot will not benefit you. Once you have assessed the situation and have made up your mind, just follow through with it.

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