7 Factors: Executing a perfect swing

Although many people nowadays are familiar with the sports golf, other new players intending to start playing should focus on the “perfect swing”. However, there are other factors such as golf equipment, the direction of the wind, and the player themselves, but the most critical factor of success is the precision of the swing. Here are some suggestions that will help you get to your goal of becoming a professional golfer.

  1. Knowing what your forces are is very important. Such as knowing a certain angle to get you a perfect swing, having a good balance, playing stance, and an agile and flexible body that can affect your swing.
  2. Practice. Practicing and practicing over again is what makes a perfect result at the end of the day. Tiger Woods is a perfect example since he was known to practice even in the worst weather. 
  3. Having a video record of yourself to look back to. By doing so, you can have a variety of clips to look back to and study. However, looking back at your clips would only help you gain theory. So the next step would be for you to actually practice!
  4. Getting special help from others is one of the best ways to become better. However, what you might find helpful might not be to others. Sometimes, it’s better to find a manual or training video that will fit your style and practice the skills to achieve the perfect golf swing. 
  5. Having a good back swing can ensure the force coming from your arms and not from your hands. All these motions should be executed in one, clean movement. 
  6. The downswing on the other hand is for precision in speed unlike number 5. Great advice is to pull your left arm coming from the top.
  7. The finish should be executed high enough to make a successful sweep. To check if you have made a good finish is to check if your right knee is facing your target with your right foot up. Lastly, your hands should be high up near your left ear.

All of these tactics are reported to be great ways to improve your golf swings. However, it relies on the player to whether practice or not to get closer to their goal. Most of all, it’s very important that you enjoy what you’re doing and look forward to golf every time.

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