Tiger Woods: Key to success

Even though you might not be a golfer, almost everyone exposed to the internet might have come across the name "Tiger Woods". Commonly known as Tiger Woods actual name is Eldrick Tont Woods, an American professional golfer born on December 30, 1975. As much as he is known for his golf career, he is one of the most successful players in history with a collection of trophies under his name. He is most known for being a perfectionist which allowed him to set a high standard for himself and go beyond to surpass those standards. 

To take it further, the high standards that he sets for himself are not only limited to golf only but other activities as well. One great example was when joining a college. Not only was he focusing on golf, but academics as well. Woods later joined Stanford since he wanted to excel in academics as well as in sports. 

Of course, he wasn't born with his perfectionist personality, but was influenced by his father, Earl Woods. Earl Woods was a military soldier and had militaristic manners in him which has been taught and applied to his son as well. Due to his circumstances, Tiger had enormous pressure to succeed which also led to six World Junior Championships at the age of eight years old.

Woods's perfectionist behavior extends beyond professional golf. As a practicing Buddhist, Tiger acknowledges the role religion plays in his life. A great example would be following his admission to infidelity. Furthermore, he promised to work on his personality flaws as taught in Buddhism. His desire to follow the teaching of his religion further proves that he strives to be a perfectionist in all he does. 

The desire to become the greatest golfer in history and the drive to succeed in other spheres of life informs Tiger’s perfectionist behavior. Positive reinforcement brought about by rewards pushes Tiger to achieve more and stop at nothing short of the greatest golfer in history.

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