All about a caddie: Caddie 101

The most important role of a caddie is to bring value to the game for the golfer. Like many of us think, caddies do more than just carry around golf clubs. From double checking to see if the golf balls and tees are stocked, repairing divots and even raking sand traps after use. 

The main duty as a caddie is to carry the golf bag for the golfer. However, besides just carrying the bag, handling the clubs that are requested by the golfer correctly is much as important. 

Although the caddie isn’t the one playing the game, it is right to dress appropriately for any game. Standard gold attire should be worn such as a collared shirt, dress pants, hats, and even a nice pair of shoes to go with it. 

In order to assist the golfer, it is the caddie's responsibility to have the terminology down to understand the game and scoring. Furthermore, knowing the club’s distances is helpful since some golfers like to ask their caddie for advice on which club they should use. 

Being careful is a must to become a caddie. Once you have handed the club to the golfer, you must stand out of their sight so that they can fully focus. Also, you must watch out for your shadows which can disturb their game as well. Aside from asking the golfer if they need anything, silence is golden once they are focusing on their swing.

Caddies can be a busy task with many responsibilities. Keeping your eye on the ball after hit is one of the tasks as a caddie. This allows you to calculate and know the distance of the ball. Most commonly asked question is “How far is it to the green?”. If you are not using any automatic rangefinder, then you must find the distance using the nearest distance marker. 

Keeping clean after the golfer is a must manner every caddie should have. When the golfer leaves a divot, it is the caddie’s responsibility to fix the divot. Also, if there are chunks, one must retrieve it and pat it down using their feet. However, if the chunk is nowhere to be found, then you can use sand to fill the hole. Furthermore, as a caddie, it is your job to rake up any sand trap that the golfer has gone through. This can include the position the ball was at, footprint of the golfer, and your footstep as you rake the sand. The sand should be as you originally found it.

All of these tasks might sound too much at first. However, the most important factor is to keep it positive. Not all golfers will have a great game. As a caddie you should keep a positive attitude to boost up their morale. Encouraging your golfer might bump up their confidence and help them improve in their game!

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