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Jim McLean Golf School – Miami, Fl
The Jim McLean Golf Schools feature services such as 8-Step Swing, X-Factor, Y-Factor, Power Line, The Super Station, The Slot Swing, Elimination Theory, The Grind, and Safety Zones. These instructional services are offered to students and are taught by their experienced Lead Mater instructors. They have variety types of lessons including the presence of Jim McLean.
They use many useful technologies including Video analysis, TrackMan launch monitor analysis, Swing Guru and K-Vest 3D swing analysis, SAM putt lab putting analysis, BodiTrak pressure mat.
The Jim McLean Golf School has the most Golf Digest ranked instructors in the world. Many golf pros such as Bill Rodgers, Keegan Bradley, Lexi Thompson, and many more have noted Jim’s teaching skills and his dedication.
The Jim McLean system teaches a 25 percent theory which is dividing and learning the game into four parts: the long game, the short game, the course management game, and the mental game. If anyone plans on building the strong foundation of playing golf, The Jim McLean Golf School is the perfect academy.
Jim McLean
Pebble Beach Golf Academy – Pebble Beach, Calif.
The academy is divided into 5 programs and services which includes individual instruction, custom training programs, group programs, club & putter fitting and membership opportunity which includes the driving range.
3 separate studios:
Studio 1: Full swing analysis technology using Robotic Swing Trainer; FlightScope Launch Monitor, Advanced Motion Measurement (AMM) 3D Swing Analysis System, V1 Video Swing Analysis Science and Motion BalanceLab
Studio 2: Putting Stroke Analysis Technology using Science and Motion PuttLab, Quintic Ball Roll Putting Analysis System, V1 Video Analysis
Studio 3: Club Fitting Systems using Club Fitting system by TaylorMade
At Pebble Beach Golf Academy, you can experience high quality technology. When you can’t seem to find the right position when swinging, the RoboGolfPro just might be the right technology to help. If you want to experience great technologies along with great instructors, you should start your lesson here.
Pebble Beach Golf Academy
Butch Harmon School of Golf
With Butch Harmon’s team actively working with PGA Tour, Champions Tour and LPGA Tour pros, they offer highest quality lessons broken down to different packages from three days, two days, and once day packages.
The main technology Butch Harmon School of Golf use is the Foresight Sports’ GC2 Smart Camera System with HMT Head measurement technology. 90 PGA tour professionals have bought the system which shows the effectiveness of the technology.
Butch Harmon has worked with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, and many more.
Butch Harmon
The Leadbetter golf academies are located all over the world with 11 of them in the United States.
The Academy features four spacious classrooms outfitted with the latest V1 Golf Swing Analysis computer technology: the SAM PuttLab and K-Vest. Both deliver precise measurements on your golf swing to deliver maximum results in minimal time. The double-sided driving range includes five target bunkers, and the short-game practice facility provides a comfortable setting to work on your golf swing.
The school is partnered with Golfzon which is one of the biggest simulator companies worldwide. The simulator is one of the fun methods to learn and practice golf indoors.
Students can purchase helpful training aids through their website in which they also offer online golf lessons for convenience.
These are only a few of the great golf academies. It is most important to find the right golf academy that fits you to learn and improve yourself in golf. 

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